Business operations

SVC develops, manages and provides a presentation of an experience-based approach to everyday life

  • for each and everyone
  • both at work and at home
  • which offers opportunities to increase awareness of the weight of our individual choices
  • based on common sense, honesty and straightforwardness
  • which serves as a fundamental instrument for enhancing the quality of life.

The company is run as a business economy foundation.

The foundation
The foundation was established on February 14th, 2004 and it was registered on May 24th the same year by the County Administrative Board of Östergötland. The founder is a retired high school headmaster[1]. The registered office of the Board of Directors is located in Vuollerim, in the Municipality of Jokkmokk and the company is presently registered with the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten. SVC and it’s business operations are managed and developed by it’s Board of Directors.

The name
The name translated to English ”Reality Center” represents the “true core” or “real center” that each and every individual has within themselves, regardless of where they are in the world.

The customers
SVC ‘s client base consists of companies, associations and individuals.

The products
Workshops, seminars and coaching with a focus on personal leadership, where participants receive tools that can be used in everyday life are offered. Experience has shown this leads to; an enhanced quality of life, increased awareness of the importance of relations, the ability to change habits and make choices in order to ease and smoothen daily sailing’s  through life, an improvement of communication and socializing skills.

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[1] The founder passed away in 2006 after a long and meaningful life.
[2] Annchristine stepped down as SVC’sboard member in the summer of 2008 and was elected to join the board again in the spring of 2013.

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