Foundation and methods

The foundation and the methods SVC’s operations are based on recognize that:

  • everyone is good at heart
  • everyone has something to contribute with
  • everything and everyone is connected
  • everyone is important
  • there is a a choice how to approach any given situation
  • every choice makes a difference
  • there is always the possibility to find a third road, when the first and second road lead to contradictions
  • everyone is equal

Experience has shown that when each and everyone in a team apply these basics, the entire team is able to achieve so much more. Additionally, it stimulates the confidence level  to your own abilities and it helps to reveal even more of everyone’s individual hidden talents. This is also regarded to be a foundation for sustainable development.

- ”There was a time when maintaining my position within the company was of utmost importance, often by ignoring, mocking or belittling others. Now I recognize that everyone has important contributions and I know that no one is more important than anyone else. It is amazing to see how much more we accomplish when each and everyone chooses to work as part of an egalitarian team.”

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