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Vuollerim is a village with about 800 inhabitants, just south of the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland. The village is beautifully situated by the former confluence of the large and the small Luleälv (Lule river).

Vuollerim poetically is described as “The place where everything and everyone meets”. The original Sami name Vuolleriebme means “Nedre Selet” (“Lower backwater”) – a part of a river in which there is little or no current. In this case referring to the calm body of water created where both Lule rivers rejoin. Fish were plenty here. Vuollerim’s surrounding region is Sami owned forest land and the earliest human settlement here dates back to 6000 years ago.

Currently, hydroelectric power plants in the Municipality of Jokkmokk generates about ¼ of all the water power in Sweden. One of the power plants – Porsi, is situated in the immediate vicinity of Vuollerim. But the great Lappish nature can not be tamed. The mighty river, the extensive forests, the cloudberry marshes, the clear arctic air, the distinct change of seasons, the northern lights, the midnight sun – yes, this is truly a fantastic village filled with never ending everyday luxuries. Genuine and warm welcoming – something that visitors get a good taste of when both young and old greet you in the streets – as if you were a good old friend.

In Vuollerim there is a tradition of ”rolling up your sleeves”, getting things started and done. Since the olden days it has been customary and necessary to cooperate and lend each other a helping hand, since villages and towns are far spread. There are many big-hearted entrepreneurs in Vuollerim who give their all for the village’s survival. Moreover, as an added bonus, the well developed infrastructure of Vuollerim is comparable to what you would expect to find in larger communities.

The choice to settle down and establish a business in Vuollerim was easy and obvious.

Learn more about what Vuollerim has to offer. www.laplandvuollerim.se

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