Personal Leadership

Personal leadership builds on openness, reflection, awareness and a constant growth by learning  from the different situations in life. Experience has shown that this effectively boosts the willpower to make every day choices and decisions that will intensify the harmony in your own life. The fact that this can also contribute to social, ecological and economical sustainability on both a small and a large scale, is just icing on the cake.

Some examples of what personal leadership means to SVC are;

  • to be a leader in – and of your own life and not be a follower of someone or something
  • to stand steady in your inner knowing
  • to take responsibility for your own thoughts, words and actions
  • to not judge, be able to separate the issue from the individual
  • to be open for input from each and all in egalitarian teamwork
  • to understand the importance of everyone holding a piece of the puzzle
  • to mutually design a platform within a team, resulting in an environment  without  hidden and/or selfish agendas

The illustrations mentioned above make it easier for everyone to see their own unique part in the bigger picture.

One of the tools is that as long as you judge and point a finger at others, nothing gets resolved. Instead you will continue on a path of ingrained patterns, familiar habits and the same old playing of games. However, when you choose to go down another road and change your approach and attitude, and consciously work on getting rid of judging yourself and others, life will get fun and you will find yourself on a comfortable course, working well with both yourself and your surroundings.

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