The start

About twenty entrepreneurs began the development in the fall of 2003. All of them had different skills and backgrounds, ranging from commercial -, governmental – to educational sectors. Most of them had over the years participated in various leadership training courses. It was their experience that these courses gave them a temporary boost, but as time went on, they fell right back in to old routines.

The decision was made to develop a foundation for personal leadership with individual tools that allow people to coach themselves independently. Tools that enable a progressive increase of the fluency of both professional and everyday life. The concept is based on the comprehension that each individual can choose to be a more resolute leader of his or her own life and that everyone has something important to contribute with.

There were many fundamental questions:

  • What is the best way to utilize the individual  set of skills and experiences in order to develop a solid and sound foundation that contributes to evolving personal leadership?
  • In what way can personal leadership contribute to intensified teamwork?
  • In what way can teamwork be kept free from individual agendas and personal game plans?
  • In what way can personal leadership and teamwork result in an improved individual well-being?
  • What is the best way to make decisions resulting in long-term sustainability – economically, ecologically as well as socially?

- Wow, it just feels so good to see through my own habits, game patterns and routines, and to make even more conscious choices. Personal leadership, it really works!

- I had never imagined it would be possible in a board to be so equal and have so much fun by respecting each other’s pieces of the puzzle. One plus one equals so much more than two! The fact that no one is sitting on their high horse, driven by selfish or hidden agendas, makes all the difference. And the result – Flow! Life just flows!

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