About us

SVC Sweden, is a company based in a small village, Vuollerim in Swedish Lapland.

The foundation of personal leadership that SVC has developed has been well-tested by a number of business owners and individuals who apply these tools in their everyday life. Experience has shown an improved quality of life, through individual active leadership.

The idea of SVC came to life when a number of business owners met and shared their experiences of various leadership courses and seminars they had participated in. All unanimously agreed that after participation they often experienced a temporary boost and felt inspired for a period of time, but after a while this feeling ebbed away and they usually returned to the familiarity of old habits. This was when the idea grew to mutually develop a concept that makes it possible to maintain this improved quality of life and to lift yourself up even higher.

More information about this; Business operations, The start, Q&A about SVC.

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