Q&A about SVC

Why was the name Reality Center chosen?
The name ” Reality Center” represents the “real center” that each and every individual has within themselves, regardless of where they are in the world, regardless of what happens. To clarify: Everyone is unique and approaches life in their own way.

Why was a foundation chosen to be the form of business ownership?
A foundation in Sweden (Stiftelse) is a legal entity without an owner. This form of business ownership was chosen because it is long-term and it is based on the principle that no individual can take over the company, parts of it or it’s products.

What does SVC do?
For a description of the company’s business operations click here.

How does SVC define personal leadership?
Some examples of what personal leadership means to SVC are;

  • to be a leader in- and of your own life and not be a follower of someone or something
  • to trust and stand for that the gut feeling always has best interests at heart
  • to take responsibility for your own thoughts, words and actions
  • to not judge, be able to separate the issue from the individual
  • to be open for input from each and all in egalitarian teamwork
  • to understand the importance of everyone holding a piece of the puzzle
  • to mutually design a platform within a team, resulting in an environment without  hidden and/or selfish agendas

The illustrations mentioned above make it easier for everyone to see their own unique part in the bigger picture.

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