The company SVC has been subject to an unimaginable and unjustified ”storm” of unfounded accusations, starting at about one month after it’s establishment in 2004. SVC’s business operations are the absolute opposite of what the accusations implied. Seemingly the storm has subsided now, which would only make sense since there has never been any ground for the allegations.

Dark or light
These years could easily have been described as the deep dark disheartening days in SVC’s young history. If indeed the defamation had been based on only a sliver of truth, in all likelihood the company had been closed and it’s board members would have scattered to the four winds.  Maybe with feelings of hostility and judgment towards each other as a result. A number of years ago, a manager at TV4, a Swedish television network, said that the fact SVC still exists is proof enough for him that there was no truth in any of the accusations.

The statement of TV4’s manager is correct! There is zero truth in any of the accusations and allegations. Those who have chosen to be involved in -, to invest in – and spread the slander and defamation of SVC have based their conduct on fabrications of the mind that have grown out of proportion. It is a kind of unfathomable adult bullying that has been going on up until recently, against both the company as well as it’s individual board members.

Thanks to the development of SVC’s leadership concept and it’s tools, the board members chose to see ‘the storm’ as an opportunity to further evolve and assure the quality of their products.

SVC board members were given many opportunities to work at handling their own individual reactions to the absurd situation they undeservedly had ended up in.

Examples of individual thoughts and questions, could be:

How can I make clear how totally wrong this all is?

I am a leader in – and of my own life, I do not follow anyone or anything, yet I have been falsely portrayed as a ‘follower’.

Fears such as “my life is ruined”, “what will other people think?”

How could this happen?

Curious feelings of shame and guilt entwined with knowing there is no reason to feel shame and guilt.

The SVC board members heartened themselves each individually one step at a time, but also through sharing life experiences with their environment. The leadership tools they mutually had developed and which partly are based on how one chooses to react, played once more a huge part in how each individual chose to react to the slandering treatment.

Another demonstration of the groundlessness of the allegations is the fact that the majority of the board composition remained unchanged.

You could modestly state that it required a great deal of individual courage, strength and bravery to persevere. At the same time it was “easy” to withstand the storm, being able to rest assured that none of the accusations ever were valid and that the mutually developed tools really work.

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